Fish Report for 11-10-2021

Ridge classics

Tim Ekstrom

A final day below working on the variety list. True to form the ridge kicked out action on seven different species while anchored in several locations. Not in load 'em up mode, that piece of the equation has already been satisfied, we dedicated time to exotics enjoying the morning and early afternoon at the rail. Then came the ride north. The luxury of time came in handy to say the least as we moseyed up at "slow bell" minimizing the impact of not so nice weather. Taking the bump in stride we trolled our way into the sunset looking for one last hit on dorado that we didn't quite find. The trip is far from over though. Tomorrow is beach yellowtail and variety day as we gain altitude all the time. Photo today features long time Royal Star veteran and favorite Rhanny Hufalar with a beautiful wahoo he landed a few days earlier in conditions sublime.

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