Fish Report for 11-12-2021


Tim Ekstrom

A couple of drifts broke up the morning ride and rounded out the catch with a few handfuls of delicious "cacti". Never discounting the entertainment value and table rewards, when time allows, and the weather is right, we are all in on a few rockfish drops. Speaking of the weather a more beautiful day on the high seas can not be achieved. Mother Nature, after a relatively short fit, graced our final day with an ocean grease calm and atmosphere crystal clear. Sublime in every respect it was a fitting note to close out the voyage. Highly successful in the most important categories, these anglers return laden with beautiful RSW product refreshed and relaxed following a fantastic vacation. Thank you to all including our good friend Brian Zimmerman who was sorely missed. Final image of the voyage does the conditions today justice, and speaks volumes to the climate on board. Anglers Joe Dobson, Gary Vincent, and Wayne Passafiume take in the sunset sharing priceless moment among friends.

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