Fish Report for 8-2-2022


Tim Ekstrom

Nice fishing today featuring plenty of action on stripped speedsters that challenged and entertained.  What a *#%! show at times that elicited the only possible response - laughter. Regardless of the anglers and crew the ridiculous speed and erratic direction changes wahoo make once hooked lead to purely defensive efforts on our part. Multiply this fun by three, five, or more and the scene devolves into the above stated more often than not. And, when the smoke clears, we somehow manage to get the upper hand the better part of the time. But not always... In those cases we collectively shake our heads and move on to the next stop. Fact of the matter is that inevitably sometimes the wahoo win. Which is why of course they are such fun to fish for. Wily devils. 

Mixing in some nice tuna days end saw us heading up looking to expand the variety list in both scenery and species. Photo today is a beauty of the famed "Rocas Alijos" at sundown.

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