Fish Report for 9-7-2022

Hard earned

Tim Ekstrom

A heck of an afternoon of fish watching punctuated by an occasional shot at a trophy bluefin. Then the night came. Another long one produced regular opportunities and ultimately a nice score. To the diehards went the spoils as early in the effort, then in the last gasps of dark before dawn were bite times. My hat is off to those dedicated anglers. It was well worth the effort and richly satisfying when reward was earned. Photo today features a long time fixture on the annual Labor Day run. Nate Beneze has been a friend and nigh family to the Royal Star team since at least 1992. The history that Nate and his family share in photos every voyage they make is priceless; images of us all in far younger, leaner times. Todays image will no doubt be added to the growing scrapbook. Nate bagged his first tuna over two hundred pounds; this beauty  coming in at a solid 204. 

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