Fish Report for 9-8-2022


Tim Ekstrom

A whole slew of dorado capped off the days fishing that began a mere 26 hours before. In beautiful weather we picked a few nice tuna early then threw our eyes at the challenge of finding what have been elusive kelps. A few errant jumpers near a dime size kelp gave their buddies away. Eager, abundant, and large enough to satisfy anglers had their fill bagging a few extry's in honor of US limits. It was a perfect ending rally that sent us in the direction of refuge sated and satisfied. 

Along with our colleagues we chose the option of cutting our voyage short by a day to be well clear of the effects of northbound tropical storm Kay. While the path is not one hundred percent certain there is enough agreement in the models to justify an abundance of caution. No one wants to gamble with the potential a tropical cyclone packs. So we will be shoreside for a couple of unscheduled days resuming our next trip on Sunday the 11th. Final voyage image features our long time Royal Star angling friend Rick Stone with a dandy local grade yellowfin landed on the light flyline gear at sundown. 

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