Gear Recommendations

3 to 6 Day Fishing

The following list of gear will help our passengers prepare for their trip. It is by no means a complete list, and some may consider it to be more than needed. A big part of the service we offer is to make sure our passengers are as prepared as possible. Of course, if you have any questions, please feel you can call us at (619)224-4764. We're standing by to assist you in planning your long-range adventure.

Our permit to fish the Mexican Islands stipulates that all passengers, and crew members, have a valid passport.

Packing and Storage

Duffle Bags: Considered best for storage, and for dirty laundry.

Dry Bags:
Keep your personal gear dry and clean the entire trip.

Personal Gear

Pants: Bring a change for each day. Light material is best.

You may need 1 or 2 each day. If you're sun sensitive long sleeves are in order. Light fabric for quick drying and coolness in warm weather. Sweatshirts are handy for nights and cool weather.

Plan on at least one pair for each day.

For those hot sultry summer days.

Under garments: Breathable material and a fresh change every day

For those cool fishing nights and cooler weather. Windbreaker type is ideal.

For rigging up, dinner, and traveling.

Water proof is key.

Wide brim, baseball caps, foreign legion. Think Sun Protection.

Light Rain Gear:
Very seldom used, but appreciated when it rains.

Sun Glasses:
Polarized to cut the glare. Security straps will prevent loss over the side.

Bath towels, shampoo, soap, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. Sunscreen(water proof and broad spectrum type)

Check with your Physician for preferred method of prevention (Transderm patches are back! These appear to be highly successful.) There are several over-the-counter products that are very effective. Your local Pharmacist would be another excellent source for recommendations. Sunscreen (water proof and broad spectrum type)

Fishing Equipment
Tools: Dykes (cross cutting pliers), duck bill pliers, holder and belt, hook sharpener, proper screwdriver to tighten reel clamps.

Rubber Gloves:
For handling your catch at the end of trip.

Make sure you have a supply of batteries.

Flash Light/ Head lamp:
Great for those late evening or early morning rigging on a dark deck.

Entertainment: Use the travel time to catch up on that favorite book. We have a great selection of DVDs, but you're more than welcome to bring one or two to share.

Writing Materials:
Notebook, stationary, pens and pencils for making notes on what to bring next trip (and what to leave behind.) Keep a daily journal of the action, it will add to your photos.

Rods and Reels
Rigging #1 Night time Jigging/ Heavy sinker rig
Line Size: 130#
Rod Size: Calstar GFGR775xxh, UnitedComposite Viper/ 310Rodworks Deviant
Reel Size: Penn 20/30/50VISX, Okuma Makaira 20/30/50, Shimano Talica 25/50

Rigging #2 Night time Jigging/Sinker rig

Line Size: 100# or 80#
Rod Size: Calstar GFGR775xh/GFGR 875xxh, UnitedComposite Centaur/Raptor/CP70XH
Reel Size: Penn 12/16VISX, Penn Torque/Fathom 40/60, Okuma Makaira 16/20, Shimano Talica 20/25

Rigging #3 Flyline/Casting lure/Day time jigging
Line Size: 50# or 60#
Rod Size: Calstar GFGR 875xxh/875xh/700h, UnitedComposite CP70HP/GP80Terminator
Reel Size: Penn Torque/Fathom 30, Okuma Makaira 15T, Shimano Talica 12/16

Rigging #4 Yellowtail Yo-Yo
Line Size: 50#
Rod Size: Calstar GFGR 875xh/700h, UnitedComposite CP70HP/GP76Predator
Reel Size: Shimano Trinidad 20/30, Penn US Senator/ Baja Special

Rigging #4.2 Yellowtail Surface Casting
Line Size: 40# or 50#
Rod Size: Calstar 800H/90J/100J, UnitedComposite 900-9E/1000-10E
Reel Size: Shimano Trinidad 16/20/30, Daiwa Saltiga 35/40

Rigging #5 Flyline

Line Size: 40#
Rod Size: Calstar GFGR875h/700m, UnitedComposite CP70H-F
Reel Size: Penn Torque/Fathom 25, Shimano Talica 12, Trinidad 20/30

Rigging #6 Flyline
Line Size: 25# or 30#
Rod Size: Calstar GFGR700L/700M, UnitedComposite CE800Monster/GP80Mega
Reel Size: Penn Torque 15/25, Shimano Talica 10/12, Trinidad 14/16/20

With the rising popularity of the “Vertical Jigging” style fishing in our SoCal waters, we compiled a Rod/Reel example list together for those who are interested. A “Jigging” set up is not required to get a bite, though it has been highly effective for any species.

Heavy Jigging/Big fish/Night time:
Line Size: 100# or 80# spectra
Rod Size: 310Rodworks/UnitedComposite Zeus 5(pe8-10)/CXJ6005, Phenix Megalodon 609(pe6-10), Black Hole Cap Cod 450 Gram
Reel Size: Penn Torque/Fathom 40/60, Jigging Master PE7/PE8/PE10, Shimano Talica 20, Maxel Rage 90, Maxel Sealion 11/12

Medium Jigging/Day time and Night time:
Line Size: 100# or 80# spectra
Rod Size: 310Rodworks/UnitedComposite Zeus 4(pe6-8), Phenix Megalodon 608(pe4-8), Black Hole Cape Cod 450 Gram
Reel Size: Penn Torque/Fathom 40, Jigging Master PE7, Shimano Talica 16/ Ocea Jigger 4000PG, Maxel Rage 80, Maxell Sealion 10

Light Jigging/ Day time:
Line Size: 80# or 65# spectra
Rod Size: 310Rodworks/UnitedComposite Zeus 3(pe4-6)/CXJ6003, Phenix Megalodon 607(pe3-6), Black Hole Cape Cod 350 Gram
Reel Size: Penn Torque/Fathom 40, Jigging Master PE5/PE7, Shimano Talica 16/Ocea Jigger 4000PG,

Ultra Light Jigging: School grade BFT/YFT:
Line Size: 50/65 # spectra
Rod Size: 310Rodworks?United Composite Zeus 2, Phenix Megalodon 607
Reel Size: Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000, Jigging Master 5N, Penn Torque 15N/25,

Terminal Tackle

J hooks:
Size 2-2/0 Mustad 94151, or Owner Flyliner (2-3 packs each)
Size 3/0-5/0 Mustad 94151, or Owner Gorilla (2 packs each)
Circle hooks:
Size 4-4/0 Owner Mutu (2-3 packs of each)

1 Each: 1/2 lb. or 1 lb. Spool of most commonly used: 30#, 40#, 50#, 80#
(Line is also available onboard, at Tackle Store prices)

1 spool of each: 25#, 30#, 40#, 50#, 80#

Leader Material:
20 yards of 100#/130#/200# Mono or Flourocarbon to make leaders.
Wind-On Leaders

Sliding: 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, 3/4 oz, 1 oz (3 to 4 Each)
Torpedo: 4 oz, 8 oz, 12 oz and 16 oz (2 to 3 Each)
Rubber Bands: Thick(size 54) for attaching torpedo

Night time Jigging lures:
250-300 gram Daiwa SK jig, Nomad Streaker 250-420 gram, Nomad Buffalo 320gram, West Coast Jiggerz KB/HD 250-400 gram (3-4 jigs assorted weight)

Day time Jigging lures/ Casting lures:
Daiwa Zakana 60-130 gram, Shimano Coltsniper 60-120 gram, Nomad Ridgeback 80-150 gram, Daiwa SK 140-170 gram, West Coast Jiggerz KB/Speedy 150-200 gram, (3-4 jigs assorted weight)

Yellowtail Lures:
JRI 4/6/7/DW1, Tady 45/C/4-0/9, Salas 6X/6Xjr/7X/7Xjr/Jpot

Poppers:Tackle Warehouse-Feed popper 150/175, Nomad Chug Norris 150/180 (1 or 2 pieces)

Trolling Lures: Nomad Madmacs 200/240, Nomad DTX, Zuker Tuna Feathers or Seven Strand Tuna Clones (Colors: Mexican Flag, Zucchini, Black & Purple)

Miscellaneous items:

Swivels: 200+lb ball bearing (10-15 pieces)
Crimps: Assorted 100lb to 200lb (15 of each)
Appropriate crimpers

Additional Notes

Preferred brands of rods for quality and performance are: Calstar "Grafighter Series" and United Composites line of rods. There are several variations when it comes to rod and reel manufacturers. It really comes down to personal preferences. We've listed the model that we feel work best. Izorline is the preferred line manufacturer. Fishing methods are constantly changing, so the wise angler should always stays abreast of the latest in techniques and tackle. When deciding on terminal tackle, it is sometimes best to wait and consult the personnel at Royal Star Sportfishing, prior to your departure. We have the most current information and know what's working.

Royal Star Office Number: (619)224-4764

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