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Earned yellows
Today we started on the coast and had the same type of scratch fishing on good grade yellowtail. After lunch... more »
Brian Sims
Afternoon Yellows
We searched offshore in new country this morning to no avail. In the afternoon, we went coastal and enjoyed some... more »
Brian Sims
Good finish
We finished with a few afternoon fish and a few more evening fish. The bonus being everyone onboard had at... more »
Brian Sims
Long Day, Longer Night
We scratched a couple of fish in the morning then had a long dry spell. One more before midnight finished... more »
Brian Sims
Nice start
We departed this morning on the Manaka 3 day with a nice load of bait and good weather in the... more »
Brian Sims
Rail time
Plenty of stationary fishing today in stark contrast to the prior two. While production was similar the tenor of the... more »
Tim Ekstrom
Hard way
No easy shots here thus far. We can't gripe about our ability to find them. We've got that part nailed.... more »
Tim Ekstrom
Leg work
Plans to sit and fish quickly went by the wayside when our chosen zone of the morning went stone cold.... more »
Tim Ekstrom
Big fish
Beginning this run with a narrower objective we opted for selective fishing targeting the jumbo grade of bluefin local. Of... more »
Tim Ekstrom
The fish you love to hate
We started this morning in a shallow and had excellent fishing for tasty bottom fish. We then checked another area... more »
Brian Sims
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