Long Range Sportfishing Code of Ethics

To encourage responsible angling practices and promote a positive image of our sport, many long range vessels have adopted the following standards.

Minimum size for:
  • Yellowtail -- 28 inches
  • Dorado -- 28 inches
  • Grouper -- 28 inches - two total per angler
  • Yellowfin tuna -- 24 inches
  • Bluefin tuna -- 24 inches
  • Big eye tuna -- 24 inches
  • Albacore -- 24 inches
All sail fish and marlins (striped, blue, and black) will be released except in cases of obvious mortality.
All sharks will be released.
All Black Sea Bass will be released except in cases of obvious mortality.

Mexican fishing regulations allow a total limit of thirty fish on voyages of three days or more in length with no more than fifteen of any one species. Dorado are an exception with a total of six per voyage counting as fifteen towards your total limit of thirty. While the above listed size limits are not actual laws or regulations, we respectfully request your understanding and compliance with a vision of future fisheries in perspective. We encourage you to take responsibly and practice catch and release thereafter.

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