Fish Report for 9-20-2022

Action packed

Tim Ekstrom

A full day of yankin' and crankin' as bites were plentiful and tuna were abundant. Incredible sign of fish, mostly 10 - 12 pounds, were mixed with their larger brethren. The bigger fish were more than willing to take the back seat the majority of the time but asserted themselves enough to make for a solid day of production. Drafting the rapidly waning now tropical depression our goal of fishing in the best possible weather was certainly accomplished. Conditions were beautiful all day. Tomorrow will see us in a different zone still targeting variety but focused on the coveted skinny speedsters that we all are pining for. Today's image features first time Royal Star angler Jeanne Esler with a dandy yellowfin that couldn't resist a well placed popper. Without question top water bites are the best kind...

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