Fish Report for 12-5-2022

Roll over

Tim Ekstrom

Today's photo features Stas Vellonakis and his dandy 232 coming through the door. My oldest long range fishing friend Stas was on board Royal Polaris on the first multi day fishing voyage when, at nineteen years old, I joined what became a legendary crew. The time that we have shared at sea together making the most incredible catches, and not, I hold dear. 1987 was the beginning. 2022 is far from the end. Thank you my friend. 

Fishing today was a real challenge. Waking up to a 2.5 degree temperature change I have to admit that we all felt it in our bones. Not good. Nevertheless we strived valiantly putting in the rail time amidst obviously dwindling sign. Days end called for a move; one final shot covering new ground. In weather good enough we'll see what comes of it. 

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