Fish Report for 11-13-2023

Fun afternoon

Alex Natipadab

After a long two days of travel, we finally pulled the RPMs back to trolling speed as we approached the "Stones". 74 degree blue and crystal clear water with a nice flowing current. Exactly what we're looking for. We spent most of the day targeting the fast Toothy skinny guys, with just a handful to show for. It's a start anyway. Current slowly backed off and did the Wahoo. Though we did not capitalize on the main objective, we were able to stay busy on very nice grade Tuna as a consolation prize. Fun afternoon in absolutely epic weather. We'll give it a full effort again at first light tomorrow. 


First time Royal Star angler Tim Moreno gets the honor today as the cover photo model. Dandy "Skin" that fell for the Raider jig. Nothing like wahoo on the long rod!

Trip Photos

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