Fish Report for 2-14-2024

Up the line

Tim Ekstrom

A nice day of travel in good weather overall. But that is soon to change. Not that we’re anticipating anything abnormal. A bumpy ride at this time of the season is par for the course. Prepared for the inevitable the boat is properly ballasted ready for a duty she was built for. But it’s going to cost us some time. Respecting the old bull approach when the weather is up we watch the business and take our time. For those planning to meet the boat our best current estimated arrival time is between 13:30 and 14:00 on Friday. I will update the narrative again first thing tomorrow morning. Tracy will also provide an update on the office phone line after 16:00 Thursday. 

On the fishing front I have to comment on the fantastic sign of yellowfin tuna we saw late yesterday traveling up the line. Stretched out over 75 miles I am very encouraged by the zone, size of the fish, and water conditions they were in. This bodes very well for the upcoming season. Mark my word. 

Today’s image is among my favorites from this voyage. Capturing the essence of the moment this shot features our friend Chris Yamada and the boys as they’re hauling Chris’ hard earned 265 through the gate. 

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