Fish Report for 2-9-2024

Silent Assassin

Tim Ekstrom

A dreadful morning showing little promise of change set up another long day of searching for the right conditions. A fish here and there provided just enough incentive for anglers focused on grinding it out at the rail. And then it happened as it has so many times past. Late afternoon, one more stop trying something different finally produced that handful of chances we were looking for. Batting .500 in the end all were well fought battles. Those that ended in defeat were simply credited to the reality of this species and grade of fish. Battles royale vs Giant Yellowfin are not easily won.

Ending the day on a high note spirits were certainly elevated. To have something to sink our teeth into tomorrow is a welcome change. A flurry of preparation closed out the day in anticipation of better things to come. Photo of the day features our good friend Phil Hashimoto and the guys with Phil’s beautiful 286 landed just after sundown. Fondly known to us as the “silent assassin”, Phil fortified the legend yet again with this triumph. Congratulations!

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