Fish Report for 2-11-2024

Closing bell

Tim Ekstrom

Scratched to the closing bell adding just shy of a couple handfuls of 100-175’s to the tally. Ample rail time was the theme all along as time in the water in these haunts is typically the key to success. To our great fortune these anglers are perfectly prepared for this style of fishing. Appreciating the fish of a lifetime potential hours in the water with the right gear are built in. Focus and commitment made the catch we now freight in the RSW tanks a win. Though modest in quantity by most standards it is enough. Trophy yellowfin we sought and fortunately we caught, and had plenty of opportunities. 

So now we head NE en route to Cabo San Lucas where our anglers will disembark and wind down for a few days while the boat grinds its way up the line. Planning on a Friday arrival I will keep the narrative and images from the voyage current as we travel home. Today’s image features Royal Star friend and angler Stanley Koh who started the day off right with this dandy 170 pound yellowfin picked off on the kite. 

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