Fish Report for 2-13-2024

Los Cabos

Tim Ekstrom

Smooth sailing right into Cabo’s beautiful bay where anglers disembarked after our official  check in with customs authorities. A few hours later paper work completed we headed back out beginning the final trek northward. Continued beautiful conditions graced the ride all afternoon and evening making for a pleasant time of it and keeping us on schedule.

I will update as we push north. As of now it appears that the miles beyond tomorrow are going to be nautically earned. No strangers to the reality of traveling north we are prepared for the inevitable to come.

On a fishing note reports of very good schools of bluefin offshore a mere 30-50 miles from San Diego are coming from the fleet currently on the grounds. As I mentioned on our passage south there has been fantastic sign of fish in all size classes scattered offshore for over three hundred miles. To say this bodes well for the upcoming spring season is an understatement. While we will be conducting our annual maintenance and haul out for six weeks following this run look for our colleagues with local trips scheduled to get the spring party started. And keep in mind that we do still have a spots available on a few three and four day voyages at the end of April and in early May that we recently added to our schedule. Now is the perfect time to jump on a Spring offshore bluefin voyage if you haven’t booked already. Give Tracy a call in the office or book on line. 

Photo today rightly features Jonny Harrington with the fish pictured in yesterday’s report post capture coming over the rail. 

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