Fish Report for 3-13-2024

Counting days

Tim Ekstrom

A productive maintenance period thus far we’re now back in the water after our annual haul out, hull inspection, and installation of a brand new 2024 Furuno CH600, dual frequency sonar and Airmar “CHIRP” technology transducer. Huge upgrades that I mentioned earlier we have now made current the full suite of Royal Star navigational, communication, and fish finding electronics. Some well thought out mechanical adjustments will also improve the experience at sea for Royal Star anglers. Soon to be in the final cosmetics stage we are counting down the days before we run again on April 4th. 

Performing ninety eight percent of the work ourselves the guys and I love this time of the year that provides hands on opportunities to become intimate with the systems and inner workings of Royal Star. This is when the guys learn the how and why that serves all of us so well when sea duty serves up those inevitable mechanical challenges requiring immediate solutions. 

As such today’s images feature a few selections of the guys in action tending to maintenance duties in “the yard” 

On the media front Captain/Owner Alex Natipadab and I will be the featured guests on Let’s Talk Hookup this Saturday the 16th eager to share our perspective on the upcoming season. Enjoy today’s images and look for the narrative to be updated as our maintenance winds down.

Trip Photos

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