Fish Report for 4-1-2024

Finishing up

Tim Ekstrom

A final week surprise certainly put our resourcefulness and abilities to the test. An unplanned, complete overhaul of our port generator engine was another fantastic opportunity for the boys to sharpen their mechanical skills and knowledge. And, as the ultimate professional that he is, Captain/Co-owner Alex Natipadab rolled up his sleeves and dug in. Not his first rodeo by any means Alex applied his hard acquired knowledge and work ethic to the project that we completed with a day of breathing room to spare. On the cosmetic side she’s all freshened up ready to begin the new 2024 fishing season on Thursday the 4th.

Kicking off the new season with the annual Chris Yamada sixteen day run the guys will head south first to a front row seat of the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8th before commencing fishing for the remainder of the trip. Look for the daily narrative to commence after the 4th. Photos today feature a couple of shots of Mikey and Alex hard at it breaking down the engine in preparation for a complete overhaul.

On an admin note I want to remind all Royal Star anglers who plan to use Fisherman’s Processing to make a reservation on line through the new website ( or call the team directly at Fisherman’s Processing. Reservations are confirmed with a $100.00 deposit and are prioritized over all walk up orders taken on the day of arrival. Confirmed reservations are the only way that we can guarantee our anglers the best processing outcome. If you have any questions please call the team at Fisherman’s Processing (619)255-3128 or (619)642-7145. They are happy to speak with you and help in any way.  

Trip Photos

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